Fourth International Conference


Computer Vision & Image Processing

Organized by

Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

27 - 29 September 2019

Presentation Instructions

Oral Sessions:

  • Oral talks will use their own laptop. The projectors will be setup for 16:9 format, 1280x720 native and will accept other resolutions (including 4:3 formats such as 1024x768) and rescale for display.
  • The projectors will have native HDMI connectors and converters for VGA.
  • Oral talks are given 12 minutes. Additional 2 minutes are allocated for questions by the session chairs, switching between speakers and introducing the next speaker. You will be asked to leave the podium once your time is up. Please make sure you do not exceed the given time limit.
  • Oral presenters should be present at the podium (in the correct room) at least 10 minutes before the start of the session and should introduce themselves to the session chairs as soon as they arrive.
  • Your talk will be recorded. You accepted or rejected release with your copyright form. If you did not give permission to record your talk, please let the Program Chairs know.
  • If you require any special assistance during to get to the podium or during your talk, please let the session chair know of this before the session or email the Program Chairs.
  • Oral speakers should test their own laptops with the projector before the session, to avoid any technical difficulties.

Spotlight Presentation:

  • For your spotlight presentations this year, there is only one format: MP4 video of the slides with resolution of 1280x720 HP preferred. This will enable us to load all talks onto the same laptop without any configuration/format issues while allowing presenters to use whatever graphics/video tools they choose to generate the presentation. Presentations should be limited to 3 minutes and 55 seconds with the next speaker's video starting automatically at the 4-minute mark. The videos will be combined into one large video that will play each in turn; there will be no presenter control and the next presentation will just start. If your video is longer than 3:55 it will be truncated. If your video is not in the proper format, it will be converted as best as our automated tool will do and probably of lower quality and could even be solid black.
  • The session chairs will not be introducing each spotlight, therefore, please ensure your video starts with a title slide. When presenting introduce yourself. There will be no time allotted for "questions" after each spotlight. As usual, any projected Text/Math should use at least 24 point font (and ideally should be >32pt) as smaller fonts will not be readable in a room with 2000+ people.

CVIP Review Process and Presentation Mode

The CVIP 2019 main paper's program only considers full paper submissions (up to 8 pages of text, excluding references). The review process for all papers was double-blind. Each paper was reviewed by at least three reviewers. The review process included a chance for authors to provide a rebuttal to address issues raised by the reviewers. Reviewers had the opportunity to read the authors' rebuttal and change their initial review scores. The final accept/reject decisions for each paper were made by a triplet of three area chairs who consider the paper, the rebuttal, and the reviewers' scores and comments. In the end, 29% of the papers were accepted.
After the acceptance decisions were made, the presentation mode of each paper has determined based on the area chairs' recommendations (poster, spotlight, or oral). All accepted papers, regardless of presentation mode, appear in the proceedings as full-length papers. In the IEEE digital archive, papers are not distinguished by their presentation mode.
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