Fourth International Conference


Computer Vision & Image Processing

Organized by

Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur

27 - 29 September 2019

Registration Details

Registration is mandatory for at least one author per paper. Non-payment of appropriate registration fee by authors on or before the mentioned deadline will result in withdrawal of the corresponding paper from publication in the proceedings.

Presentation of an accepted paper at the conference by one of the authors in person is mandatory for its publication in the proceedings. As per IAPR policy, the same author with a single registration can present multiple papers at the conference

Charges for additional pages will be collected only on September 2019 (onsite) during the conference. The additional page charge is INR 1000 ⁄ $ 25 per extra page (upto a maximum of 2 pages) over 10 pages.

Link for registration: Coming Soon

Registration Category Early Bird Registration Late Registration On Site Registration
Indian Affiliation Non-Indian Affiliation Indian Affiliation Non-Indian Affiliation Indian Affiliation Non-Indian Affiliation
Regular Registration (Authors affiliated to Academic Institutions/ Industries) IAPR/IUPRAI Non-member INR 10,000 USD 400 INR 12,000 USD 450 INR 14,000 USD 500
IAPR/IUPRAI Member INR 9,000 USD 350 INR 11,000 USD 400 INR 13,000 USD 450
Student Registration IAPR/IUPRAI Non-member INR 7,000 USD 250 INR 9,000 USD 300 INR 11,000 USD 350
IAPR/IUPRAI Member INR 6,000 USD 200 INR 8,000 USD 250 INR 10,000 USD 300
Student Registration (Challenges) IAPR/IUPRAI Non-member INR 2,000 USD 150 - - - -
Conference (Only Attending) (Academic Institutions/ Industries)   INR 8,000 USD 300 INR 10,000 USD 350 INR 12000 USD 400
Conference (Only Attending) (Student)   INR 5,000 USD 150 INR 7000 USD 200 INR 9000 USD 250

Participants from local area (only attending) INR 2000/-

*This registration includes entry only for academic programme, lunch and tea breaks.

* Identity proof is required, and must be produced at the conference
* Onsite registration is allowed only on September , 2019. This date also serves as strict deadline for any kind of registration

Camera-ready paper submission instructions can be found here.
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